Packet Switched – Acting Kybernetic Reality

After I had prepared the idea of the “Mixed Reality Group Call”, then I offered that idea to my employer.

Now, end of June 2018, the employer did an official decision: currently they do not plan to use my ideas, hence they granted the idea for use on my own disposal.

So I am now in a situation to be allowed to publish the basic idea of the project, which is the “Mixed Reality Group Call”: MixedRealityGroupCall-Valentin-v1.0.pdf (2018-07-11)

Hint: In an “old-fashioned SWU” way of speaking the project can be characterized by “twinkle twinkle little star”

Hint 2: In a “new-fashioned SWU” way of speaking the Project can be characterized as an “Approach of the First Order”

2019-04-11 Christoph V.