SPARK#31 – How to Proceed with SrrTrains v0.01

Dear all,
As you know, the SrrTrains v0.01 project is closed. I work on it only in “Hobby mode”.

Now, I have collected a few ideas in Hobby Report #13 – The Decision (.pdf) that might lead to an increase of interest.

Though I will not be able to spend more TIME for the project, I could at least COORDINATE or HELP TO COORDINATE a few developers, who feel eager to bring this project forward.

Have a nice week

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SPARK#30 – Taking a Break – Replanning

Well, the idea of having a standardized Network Sensor has been supported by several people, at least by Don B., John C. and by GL.

That made me to PREPARE the SP-ARK project (, however I do not own enough ressources to really RUN this project. This project was also called “Plan B”.

Additionally, I had some input for the PS-AKR project (, which has NOT been started, either. This project was also called “Plan A”.

Now, considering also my personal future, I had long inner discussions with my conscience: Should I favor Plan A or should I favor Plan B.

Lots of headache for sure.

Result is: What I REALLY feel responsible for, is the SrrTrains project (, which could be either an application of “Plan A” or an application of “Plan B” or even both.

So the real consideration is about:

  1. Should SrrTrains use classical X3D Player or WebGL based X3D Player or both?
  2. Should SrrTrains use DIS or Network Sensor or both?

Considering these questions I think I will need some break for recreation and decision making.

Have fun with Web3D

Yours Christoph

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SPARK#29 – SrrTrains Quo Vadis?

With the latest posting ( I announced the work on SrrTrains Release “Fiat A”.

However some problems came up with the idea of wrapping the X3D Player by some external application,  where it was finally recommended to use W3C Web Standards for optimal portability.

All this might cause some additional considerations and even some delay in the project.

Let’s see

Yours Christoph

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SPARK#28 – Release “Fiat A” Ongoing

Hi all,

As you know, we have still some content missing for the release “Arimathea” 0033.11 of the SrrTrains v0.01 project (rail vehicles mainly), which is expected by “beyond 2020”.

And it’s not only the content that is missing, we have additionally missing some Visual Basic Framework (the “SRR Tools”), which has not been updated since June 2014.

So I have now frozen the content and released step 0033.10.5 “Fiat A” at the simulrr project


I have started to RE-DESIGN the SRR Tools.

The future SRR Tools will consist of a kind of library – the SMUOS Base -, which can be extended by Plugins.

Additionally we will need a SMUOS View (MVC Pattern), which uses the features of the SMUOS Base and which can trigger the loading and starting of the SMUOS.

The SMUOS itself will use the GUI features of the SRR Tools for interfacing with the user.

SMUOS hosted by the Visual Basic SRR TOOLS Software

If the Visual Basic Software is not present, then the SMUOS must provide some internal HUDs to replace the GUI features of the Visual Basic Software

Standalone SMUOS

Have a nice week


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SPARK#27 – Fiat A

The next release of SrrTrains v0.01 is planned with step 0033.11 by a date “beyond 2020”.

This will be quite some time to pass.

Therefore I am considering to have an “intermediate release” 0033.10.5 by some date earlier.

Suggested Nick for the release; “Fiat A”.

Yes. Looks good.


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SrrTrains v0.01 – Finally……

……I have updated the expectations for SrrTrains v0.01.

Now, when the SP-ARK project COULD be started (see HERE), the expectations for SrrTrains were updated as follows.

  1. Test Session: after Christmas 2019
    (if interest arises)
  2. SrrTrains v0.01 Step 0033.11 (“Arimathea”): beyond 2020
  3. SrrTrains v0.01 Step 0033.12 (“tbd”): even later

Have a nice week
Yours Christoph

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SPARK#26 – you can start SP-ARK

Thanks to the precious input by several people, we are having now enough material to start the SP-ARK.

Project Exposè.

Have Fun

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SPARK#25 – First Bug Already Last Bug?

Hi all.

Last week I told you the SP-ARK project could become started now and I defined the

Very First Bug.

We still need some fancy ideas and discussion to overcome the bug (just follow the link and login with your GitHub account).

Counting on you
Yours Christoph

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SPARK#24 – Ready to Start

The repository of the SP-ARK project has received some updates during the last one and a half year. All this can be described by the metaphor of “loading some fusibles into an oven, where the fire can be ignited”.

Now, when we have provisioned the first three text files of “THE BRAINSTORMING”, then it is possible to start THE SP-ARK PROJECT.

TO DO List

It’s up to you to contribute or not. It’s your stuff.

Have fun,

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SPARK#23 – Input for SP-ARK Updated

Dear Friends of SrrTrains

I felt free to update the Hobby Report HR009 about “Facility Loaders” with some ideas about the “My Little Loader” prototype, which is under construction currently.

What is the “My Little Loader” prototype?

The “My Little Loader” prototype is an optional part of the SMUOS Framework, which helps to load and unload dynamic elements during the runtime of a scene, based on trigger events, that are defined by the author of the scene.

What is the “SMUOS Framework”?

The “SMUOS Framework” is a set of X3D prototypes (consisting mainly of script nodes), that are built “on top” of the Network Sensor implementation of Bitmanagement (aka EventStreamSensor).

I.e. the goal of the SMUOS Framework is to ease the use of the Network Sensor by authors, who want to implement interactive worlds for simple 3D chat, simple games or other simple multiuser scenes (SMS).

Precisely spoken: the goal of the SMUOS framework is the gain of know how to ease the use of the Network Sensor for authors.

Here the link to the hobby reports, finally.

BTW the SP-ARK project has not been started yet, afaik.

All the best

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