What is the Way Forward with SrrTrains?

Dear Friends of the 3D Web! Dear Friends of SrrTrains!

As you might have suspected, the SrrTrains v0.01 project was always a “signalling project”, i.e. a kind of “metaphor for my personal story with the 3D Web”.

History of SrrTrains v0.01 (2008 – 2020)

I started the work on SrrTrains in the year 2008, when my former employer told me the idea “SIMUL-RR” would not be adopted and I could use it on my own discretion (the same happened with DIGITS before the year 2007).

I still believed the X3D standard would be a serious asset within the telecom industry and so I always interpreted my project as a “comprehensive test case” to be able to assert the “fitness of X3D for the telecom industry”.

Unfortunately my former employer left the telecom sector and I had to “change my vehicle” in year 2010.

The ideas grew and came more comprehensive and finally I had reached my personal goals of SrrTrains v0.01.

All ideas that were “born” by SrrTrains v0.01, i.e.

  1. the Mature Network Sensor *),
  2. the SMUOS/C3P Idea,
  3. and the DIGITS Idea

are listed at IMPLICATIONS OF SRRTRAINS v0.01.

*) The MNS is a pre-condition for SMUOS/C3P

The “old” Plan A and the “old” Plan B were identified:

  • “old” Plan A: take the output from the simulrr/smuos project and implement SMUOS/C3P in a Web3D Browser (proprietary research project)
  • “old” Plan B: take the “Hibernation Reports” of the SrrTrains v0.01 project and make SMUOS to be an X3D Component

The SrrTrains project is currently being stuck in the “2nd Hibernation Phase”. This has been achieved by 2020-01-01.

Current Plannings (as of 2021-10-23)

All the future projects and ideas are shortly summarized at the imprint of the current blog.

In a nutshell, I am currently preparing Plan A, Plan B and Plan C for my “personal future with the 3D Web”.

Which plan will be chosen actually (or maybe two of them), will be decided by the future (and not only by me).

Plan A: Convince my current employer and start projects for non-Web3D / proprietary / 3GPP / ETSI implementations of SMUOS/C3P and DIGITS (for railways, public safety organizations and maybe military)

Plan B: Found an own “one-person” company to support the Web3D community in developing Web3D/IETF standardized SMUOS/C3P and DIGITS

Plan C: Continue SrrTrains v0.01 as a hobby, probably rebase to WebGL based X3D.
(Keep earning my money with GSM / IMS / SIP / MCx topics)

Hint: The fate of Plan A is/will be private and secret – hence it must be a kind of “leak information”, when I will start the public project “Fiat-A” finally (comprende?)


Yours Christoph

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Your Points for King MIdAS

Thinking about the key properties of Games and Collaborating Software,

  1. Multiuser
  2. Interactivity
  3. Animation
  4. Simulation

i.e. MIdAS = Multiuser capable Interactivity driven Animation and Simulation.

Please distribute your 15 Points, e.g.

  1. M = 5 P.
  2. I = 4 P.
  3. A = 4 P.
  4. S = 2 P.

Please write to the comments

Yours Christoph

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DIS and the Network Sensor

After having prepared the fourth draft of the Application Layer Protocol over RTP BCP, I was eager to perform a test session with the “server-less” distributed mode.

coderextreme suggested to use the official Web3D DIS examples to run them over a VPN.

Well, DIS and in particular IP multicasting, run well over my “Tiny Experimental VPN“.

This gives hope for the “server-less distributed mode” (SLDM) of the ALP.

Generally asking myself, why HLA/DIS and the NSN/ALP must be enemies in the future. According to rumours, the military and the NASA will use HLA/DIS until 2035. So why shouldn’t we accept that we run into an era of parallel MU protocols?


Yours Christoph

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S&P-ARK – First Draft of Application Layer Protocol

Dear all,

The first draft of “ALP over RTP” has been finished. It is just a discussion basis and may be used by implementors to perform first experiments:


Have a good new year

Yours Christoph

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DIGITS#17 – The True Enemy

Dear x3d-public 

The third of five parts of the story “The third child” has been finished this week (thanks to two weeks of vacation and a few easy days at the country side)


  • 1. Prologue – finished with version 1.5 (2016)
  • 2. Friendship – finished with version 1.5 (2016)
  • 3.1. The Mission – the true enemy – finished with version 1.6 (2020)
  • 3.2. The Mission – “Läuterung” – to be finished (2021 ???)
  • 3.3. The Mission – “Staffellauf” – to be finished (2022 ???)

Part 3.x. is a love story between “Lieserl” (German female first name, means Elizabeth) and “Otto” (German male first name).

“Lieserl” can be interpreted as a metaphor for the telecom industry, “Otto” stands for all kinds of virtual globes (/universes), e.g. the idea DIGITS.

The narrative is licensed by a “Creative Commons” license, volunteers for translation to English would be appreciated.

The official home page is at: http://letztersein.com/drehbuchseite

The “official easter eggs” have been published at github:https://github.com/christoph-v/digits/blob/master/output/ddk/easter-eggs.txt

Have a nice week,


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DIGITS#14 – From Enthusiastic to Realistic

Dear All,

With the e-mail “DIGITS#10 – Vienna Calling” (17.7.2020) I told you I was going to found a new “Society for Lifelong Collaboration” (lc-soc-lc.or.at),

where I also wanted to care about tools for collaborating.

Well, from such enthusiastic ideas like leaving the job and the children, I am now back to the “realistic mode”:

  • – no big changes in my personal life style
  • – not leaving anything / anybody


  • – me personally starting to pray for the purpose slightly
  • – the home page remains valid at: lc-soc-lc.or.at
  • – we have found a home for the DIGITS project (“Das dritte Kind” / “The third child”)

All the best


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Some Very Old Links I found on my Disk Drive (SrrTrains)

Erste offizielle pre-alpha Release, jazzworkshop account

Zweite offizielle pre-alpha Release (parallel zum Demo 2012), jazzworkshop acc.

Demo 2012 (step 0032), jazzworkshop account

Das dritte Kind, jazzworkshop account

Demo 2012 – auf meinem eigenen Account



Vierte offizielle pre-alpha Release (Rebase SMUOS) – auf meinem eigenen Account




Fuenfte offizielle pre-alpha Release (MibCore) – auf meinem eigenen Account




And another one

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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SPARK#35 – What’s your opinion?

Does that mean anything to you?

Looking forward to see your opinion.

All the best

Yours Christoph

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SPARK#34 – The Third Child

Dear all

In my latest posting (see here: https://areasharpa.blog/2019/08/20/spark33-clarification-about-projects/) I made clear that of all related projects the project SrrTrains v0.01 was the only one really relevant to me.

Well. That was not the complete truth, because I neglected the literature project “The Third Child” (see http://letztersein.com/drehbuchseite).

No, it’s not about Darth Vader’s third child ;-), it’s about mine, which is DIGITS.

So let me announce: in order to have time to create a useful narrative from the third part of “The Third Child” (which actually consists of some fragments currently), the project SrrTrains v0.01 will undergo a SECOND HIBERNATION, which will last at least until a.d. 2022.

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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SPARK#33 – Clarification about Projects

I took the chance of having a few days off hence optimized the web presentation of the projects I’m dealing with.

Best entry point: https://areasharpa.blog/about/

  1. SrrTrains v0.01 is a hobby project, which is about an EXPERIMENTAL software. It’s slowly making progress. Two major releases are missing, i.e. “Arimathea” and “Sabbath”
  2. Fiat A is some future PROFESSIONAL release of SrrTrains. This would need professional help and I am not sure, whether I could support that in my spare time
  3. S&P-ARK and P&S-ARK are just TEMPLATES for standardization projects about the NSN. They are independent of me

As I already said. We have Web2.0. We have Industry4.0. Please do not hesitate to ask in case of any question.

Have a nice week


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