DIGITS#17 – The True Enemy

Dear x3d-public 

The third of five parts of the story “The third child” has been finished this week (thanks to two weeks of vacation and a few easy days at the country side)


  • 1. Prologue – finished with version 1.5 (2016)
  • 2. Friendship – finished with version 1.5 (2016)
  • 3.1. The Mission – the true enemy – finished with version 1.6 (2020)
  • 3.2. The Mission – “Läuterung” – to be finished (2021 ???)
  • 3.3. The Mission – “Staffellauf” – to be finished (2022 ???)

Part 3.x. is a love story between “Lieserl” (German female first name, means Elizabeth) and “Otto” (German male first name).

“Lieserl” can be interpreted as a metaphor for the telecom industry, “Otto” stands for all kinds of virtual globes (/universes), e.g. the idea DIGITS.

The narrative is licensed by a “Creative Commons” license, volunteers for translation to English would be appreciated.

The official home page is at: http://letztersein.com/drehbuchseite

The “official easter eggs” have been published at github:https://github.com/christoph-v/digits/blob/master/output/ddk/easter-eggs.txt

Have a nice week,


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DIGITS#14 – From Enthusiastic to Realistic

Dear All,

With the e-mail “DIGITS#10 – Vienna Calling” (17.7.2020) I told you I was going to found a new “Society for Lifelong Collaboration” (lc-soc-lc.or.at),

where I also wanted to care about tools for collaborating.

Well, from such enthusiastic ideas like leaving the job and the children, I am now back to the “realistic mode”:

  • – no big changes in my personal life style
  • – not leaving anything / anybody


  • – me personally starting to pray for the purpose slightly
  • – the home page remains valid at: lc-soc-lc.or.at
  • – we have found a home for the DIGITS project (“Das dritte Kind” / “The third child”)

All the best


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Some Very Old Links I found on my Disk Drive (SrrTrains)

Erste offizielle pre-alpha Release, jazzworkshop account

Zweite offizielle pre-alpha Release (parallel zum Demo 2012), jazzworkshop acc.

Demo 2012 (step 0032), jazzworkshop account

Das dritte Kind, jazzworkshop account

Demo 2012 – auf meinem eigenen Account



Vierte offizielle pre-alpha Release (Rebase SMUOS) – auf meinem eigenen Account




Fuenfte offizielle pre-alpha Release (MibCore) – auf meinem eigenen Account




And another one

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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SPARK#35 – What’s your opinion?

Does that mean anything to you?

Looking forward to see your opinion.

All the best

Yours Christoph

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SPARK#34 – The Third Child

Dear all

In my latest posting (see here: https://areasharpa.blog/2019/08/20/spark33-clarification-about-projects/) I made clear that of all related projects the project SrrTrains v0.01 was the only one really relevant to me.

Well. That was not the complete truth, because I neglected the literature project “The Third Child” (see http://letztersein.com/drehbuchseite).

No, it’s not about Darth Vader’s third child ;-), it’s about mine, which is DIGITS.

So let me announce: in order to have time to create a useful narrative from the third part of “The Third Child” (which actually consists of some fragments currently), the project SrrTrains v0.01 will undergo a SECOND HIBERNATION, which will last at least until a.d. 2022.

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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SPARK#33 – Clarification about Projects

I took the chance of having a few days off hence optimized the web presentation of the projects I’m dealing with.

Best entry point: https://areasharpa.blog/about/

  1. SrrTrains v0.01 is a hobby project, which is about an EXPERIMENTAL software. It’s slowly making progress. Two major releases are missing, i.e. “Arimathea” and “Sabbath”
  2. Fiat A is some future PROFESSIONAL release of SrrTrains. This would need professional help and I am not sure, whether I could support that in my spare time
  3. S&P-ARK and P&S-ARK are just TEMPLATES for standardization projects about the NSN. They are independent of me

As I already said. We have Web2.0. We have Industry4.0. Please do not hesitate to ask in case of any question.

Have a nice week


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Brush-Up of the SrrTrains v0.01 Web Pages

Hi all,

I felt free to make some phrasings more correct and easier to read on the

Home Page of the SRR Framework project

Home Page of the SMUOS project

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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The Imprint……


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Meine Sicht – Deine Sicht – Unsere Sicht

Nun habe ich doch einigermaßen alles von mir gegeben, was man zum Thema 3D Web eigentlich sagen kann.

Angefangen mit einigen philosophischen Überlegungen über die Möglichkeiten, „ins Internet einzusteigen“, die „Welt zu retten“ und zu „kollaborieren“, haben wir uns dann sehr konkret mit dem Hobbyprojekt SrrTrains v0.01 beschäftigt und den täglichen Frust hautnah miterlebt, der sich daraus ergibt, dass niemand mitmachen möchte, die „Welt zu retten“.

Die Leute flanieren lieber auf ihren Freitagsdemos, anstatt echte, beinharte Knochenarbeit zu leisten, die aber das einzige Mittel ist, die Welt tatsächlich zu retten.

Na gut, sie wissen es halt nicht besser, kein Thema.

Aber Ihr, was haltet Ihr davon? Die Ihr dieses Blog lest und Euch zumindest im Sinne einer Näherung für diese Themen interessiert.

Ich wäre wirklich froh, wenn wir nach dem Motto „Meine Meinung – Deine Meinung – unsere Meinung“ einen kleinen Dialog, einen kleinen Meinungsaustausch auf die Beine stellen könnten.

Ich stelle hier jetzt ein paar Fragen in den Raum:

  • Glaubst Du, dass von Nichts Nichts kommt?
  • Glaubst Du an ehrliche Arbeit?
  • Glaubst Du, dass Technologie die Welt lenkt?
  • Hältst Du einen Aktionär für einen “Phantasielosen Menschen, der zu fade ist, um mit seinem Geld eine eigene Firma zu gründen?”
  • Fragst Du Dich auch manchmal: “zarrrrrwosss’n des jetza?”


Euer Christoph

P.S.: 2019-07-27 – hier eine neue Seite zu diesem Thema: Zarrrrr wosssss……?

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SPARK#32 – Hobby Report #13 – Scene Wrappers ‘n GUIs

Dear all,
As you know, the SrrTrains v0.01 project is closed. I work on it only in “Hobby mode”.

Now, I have collected a few ideas in Hobby Report #13 – The Decision (.pdf) that might lead to an increase of interest.

Though I will not be able to spend more TIME for the project, I could at least COORDINATE or HELP TO COORDINATE a few developers, who feel eager to bring this project forward.

Have a nice week

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