Your Points for King MIdAS

Thinking about the key properties of Games and Collaborating Software,

  1. Multiuser
  2. Interactivity
  3. Animation
  4. Simulation

i.e. MIdAS = Multiuser capable Interactivity driven Animation and Simulation.

Please distribute your 15 Points, e.g.

  1. M = 5 P.
  2. I = 4 P.
  3. A = 4 P.
  4. S = 2 P.

Please write to the comments

Yours Christoph

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The Imprint……


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SPARK#40 – Chicken and Egg Dilemma

Yesterday, I had an intriguing discussion with my friend Markus S., about an old dilemma of my X3D hobby projects: what comes first? The chicken or the egg?

This dilemma has haunted me since I wrote the following email in 2011, at the x3d-public mailing list:

In that e-mail I compared the “elaborated network sensor concept” of the Web3D Consortium with the egg and the “interest from the telecom industry” with the chicken.

Well, Markus corrected me:

  • The chicken is not only the interest from the telecom industry, but it is “the industry at all” that counts
  • It was not really OK to start the S&P-ARK project on 2022-03-24, but chicken and egg should “come together”. It is NOT the egg that comes first.
  • We should at least wait to create the “society for lifelong collaborating”, until the interest can be counted in Euro or Dollar


Christoph Peter

P.S.: the e-mail thread started with:

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SPARK#39 – The Login Server

Well, I told you that ALPES, the “Experimental Setup of the ALP” is the only planned content of the S&P-ARK project, currently.

We want to perform experiments with an “Application Layer Protocol (ALP)” for the Web3D Network Sensor.

Therefore we plan to implement an “Experimental Login Server Application (ELSA)”.

Last weekend I found the time to draw a little drawing about the architecture of ELSA and I added it to the WIKI page “ELSA” of the S&P-ARK WIKI:

Here the picture as a shortcut (without explanation):

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

P.S.: in case of any questions, comments, improvement opportunities and so on, please feel free to add a comment. Your e-mail address will never be published.

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SPARK#38 – Vision Defined

Last weekend, I felt free to rename the S&P-ARK project.

Now I am calling it DIGITS/S&P-ARK/ALPES.

This long name will make it clear, that

  1. S&P-ARK is a part of the DIGITS project,
  2. the main content of S&P-ARK is ALPES*).

*) ALPES = Application Layer Protocol, Experimental Setup

Probably, we will call the project by its short name, ALPES, in the future.

Nevertheless, we will continue to use the S&P-ARK repository:, where we also felt free to “define” our vision for reference.

Have a nice week,

Yours Christoph

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SPARK#37 – Project Really Started

Dear all,

At my latest posting, I told you that I had closed the work on the narration “The third child” by 2022-04-15.

Today, 2022-05-14, I can tell you: I have also updated the English translation of the narration for version 1.7 (mostly, I have removed the unnecessary “frame story” and updated the version number).

Narration The Third Child (ttc_v1.7_20220514.pdf)

German version: Das dritte Kind (Drehbuchseite)

This makes me free to focus on the S&P-ARK project.



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SPARK#36 – Project Started

This time I have got two chunks of information for you.

First Chunk of Information

I told you that I planned to finish version 1.7 of the narrative “The third child” by 2022, with the posting DIGITS#17 (

Well, it has not really been finished, but all scenes of the script have been defined and at least been explained by two or three paragraphs of text each:

  • 1. Prologue – finished with version 1.5 (2016) / updated with version 1.7 (2022-04-15)
  • 2. Friendship – finished with version 1.5 (2016)
  • 3.1. The Mission – the true enemy – finished with version 1.6 (2020)
  • 3.2. The Mission – “Läuterung” – defined with version 1.7
  • 3.3. The Mission – “Staffellauf” – defined with version 1.7

Second Chunk of Information

The S&P-ARK project has been started.

Have a nice week


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The Time Has Not Yet Come

for the “Establishment (Errichtung)” of “The Society”.

Well, I have prepared the statutes ( and I have asked two friends, whether they would like to support “The Society” as chairman, secretary or cashier.

However, currently there is not enough interest.

Have a nice week,

Yours Christoph

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Statutes for “The Society”

Dear all,

In my latest posting (see I told you that my co-founders and me, we need still to agree on the statutes of “The Society”, in order to achieve the “Establishment (Errichtung)”, according to Austrian laws.

Now. I have prepared version 0.7 of the statutes, just to have a base for discussion with my co-founders.

Additionally, I felt free to use Google Translate for an (admittedly poor) translation:

The vision of “The Society” (English language) can be found at, as you know.

Have a nice week,

Yours Christoph

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“The Society”

We – my wife, a few friends and me – are currently discussing internally a lot about the idea of the “Society for Lifelong Collaborating” (see also the public discussion at and the imprint at

I revealed my “Hidden Agenda” (I think, everybody knows it 😉 ) to them, at the same instance insisting that “The Society” will be a peaceful, scientific association for the good of all.

According to Austrian laws, the founding of an association happens in two phases:

First, there’s the Establishment (“Errichtung”) of the association.

The establishment is achieved, when the founders agree upon the rules (“Statuten”).

Second, there is the Emergence (“Entstehung”) of the association.

The emergence happens 4 (or 6) weeks, after the establishment has been announced to Austrian administration by the founders, if the administration does not reject the foundation of the association.

I am currently preparing the rules and looking for co-founders.

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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The Shareholders of the Dream Factory

These days we had guests, and besides other things we came to discuss about Zuckerberg’s Metaverse.

Well, first we have to admit, there will not be “the” Metaverse, but there will be many metaverses, one from Zuckerberg, others from e.g. Roblox, Nintendo or Match.

This multitudiny of metaverses has seriously torn down our dreams about “the metaverse” as another iteration of “the” Internet.

But what is the difference to – e.g. – Second Life, which was not a great break through several years ago?

Well, you would like to say, the difference is, we have got crypto currencies nowadays, based on the blockchain.

OK, nearly every game has got a game internal currency, nowadays, my son interfered. The improvement is just the currency is “qualitatively better”, when employing the blockchain.

So, I would like to say: the conditio sine qua non is the ability to change the crypto-currency back to real currency, isn’t it?


But, OK, if I like to become shareholder of a business, my first question would be: “WHAT are they doing?”. The answer to the WHAT question gives me an idea about the HOW question: How will they perform in future?

So, WHAT is the metaverse doing?

Short and sweet: they are telling stories. OK, it’s interactive stories, collaborative stories, let’s say modern stories, but it’s still stories, not more and not less.

It’s a modern marketing instrument.

But WHAT do YOU sell?

Well, that’s your problem, isn’t it.

yours Christoph

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Added Value of Multiuser

Hi all,

We are discussing the added value of explicitly SYNCing multiuser scenes HERE:

I am feeling free to add a picture here, to explain what we are talking about:

A) Standalone scene

B) VR multiuser scene, explicitly SYNC’d

C1) MR multiuser scene, explicitly SYNC’d (derived from B)

C2) MR multiuser scene, implicitly SYNC’d (via reality)

All the best


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