SPARK#21 – Splitting the SrrTestFrame

Dear Friends of SrrTrains v0.01

Today I’d like to announce a major change that will happen to the software during 2019/2020.

The Visual Basic software that “surrounds” the scene (the so-called SRR Test Frame), is currently implemented by the “closed source” (shareware) project SrrTrains v0.01.

Now the idea is, to outsource basic parts of the software

  • first to the “simulrr” sourceforge project,
  • second to the “smuos” sourceforge project,

where an LGPL license should apply to the Visual Basic Software.



At least this is the plan.

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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SPARK#20 – Should we LAN Party#3?

Hi all,

As you know, I have promised release “Arimathea” = “Step 0033.11” of the SrrTrains v0.01 Project to be finished “not before 2020”.

Note: if you’d like to know more about the SrrTrains v0.01 Project, please feel free to visit the “official project page” at

Now, when we are doing a short check of the TO DO List, then we see that the very very basic functionality could be achieved even earlier.

Step 0033.11 „Rail Vehicles and Trains“ (CLOSED)

  • creating an unbound model – ongoing

    • The Regway – standalone mode – done

    • The Regway – bound model – done

    • The Regway – single player experimental – done

    • The Regway – ongoing

  • experimental vehicles

  • intermediate release 0033.10.5 “LAN Party #3”

  • “Handover and Bumpers”

    • derailment = explosion (unfinished track, gauge check)

    • Adapt SRR Objects for bumper handling of trains

    • Adapt SRR Objects for usage in HO track, HO handling

    • SRR Object for crossing (still no collision handling on crossing)

    • SRR Object for 3-way switch

    • SRR Object for Moving Modules

    • models of Y/3way-turnouts, bumpers, crossings, turntables, handover-tracks

    • test: Tracks and Turnouts on dynamic modules

    • model of a wagon carrying a wagon, Narrow Gauge Regway

  • Update the Concepts’ Descriptions

  • publish step 0033.11bfx “Arimathea”


I.e., we could create an intermediate release 0033.10.5 and we could perform some test session (aka LAN Party).

What’s your opinion?

If I don’t receive feed back, then I will skip 0033.10.5 for sure (each release adds some additional effort).

Have a nice week


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simulrr Commit [r348]

Last two weeks I have worked on an important architectural enhancement – which comes currently without any consequences.

The module loader SmsModuleLoader has been changed in way, such that the module wrappers will be present the whole time, only the module itself will be loaded and unloaded on demand by the frame.

This makes it possible in future to contribute to gravity with unloaded modules 🙂

You can download a snapshot of the software at

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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SPARK#19 – Recommended Reading

Hi all,

As you might know, I have been bothering you with mini and micro news about the SrrTrains v0.01 project since the year 2009, i.e. for almost ten years.

But now the shape of the project gets sharper and sharper and the “New Concept Paper of SrrTrains v0.01” has been finished.

That does not mean the project is already finished, it just means there are no big things to be invented any more, just the work has to be done.

Please find version 4.3 of the new concept paper here:

  1. Hobby Report No. 007
  2. published on 2018-12-23
  3. 66 Pages
  4. 13 Chapters
  5. 7 appendices

The child project SP-ARK (Simple Playground to Achieve Required Knowledge) is in place at the preliminary home page and it is waiting for supporters.

If you have a promising use case, or if you are just interested in Multiuser X3D Scenes please take the time and seize the holiday season for a short look. If the texts inspire you, then please do not hesitate to write a comment here at wordpress, so that other people can be sure this topic is actually an interesting topic and I am not just a singular event.

So, what is it about?

  1. It’s all about “Simple Multiuser Scenes” (SMS) – a term, which I try to position
  2. It’s about Multiuser Railway Simulation Based on X3D
  3. It’s not restricted to Railway Simulation – it’s extensible
  4. It’s about the Network Sensor and its definition
  5. It’s about VR and it’s about MR (proxy configuration), currently no AR envisioned (this may change)
  6. and it’s about some things that I cannot publish

Merry Christmas

Yours Christoph

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SPARK#18 – Arimathea Envisioned

Hi all,

As you might know, I am still doing some small updates to the SrrTrains v0.01 project, although THE PROJECT IS IN A CLOSED STATE and I AM WAITING FOR 3rd PARTY INTEREST.

Well, I have done some updates to the “Hobby Reports” (former “Hibernation Reports”), which had been granted to the SP-ARK project at GitHub. Now they are available in Version 4.3:

  1. HR 001 Pieta / Rebase to MIB Core
    some minor updates
  2. HR 005 SRR Objects
    major changes regarding vehicles/trains
  3. HR 007 New Concept Paper of SrrTrains v0.01
    a few small but essential updates
  4. HR 009 SMS Facility Loaders
    a new chapter about unbound objects (UBOs)

All the Hobby Reports can be found at the master branch here at this link.

The README is here.

Merry Christmas
Yours Christoph

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Hibernation Reports at SP-ARK

Hi all,

I have frozen Release 3 of the documentational “Hibernation Reports”:

Only bugfixes will be done any more: Hibernation Reports (3.x) – Frozen

On the other hand, I have merged and deleted the branch “devel_arimathea”.

Now the Release 4 of the documentational “Hibernation Reports” will be developed at master:

Development: Hibernation Reports (4.x) – Open

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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SrrTrains v0.01 – Final Planning

Hi all,

This is the final planning for the SrrTrains v0.01 project (nothing new so far):

I added the key words *TODO11*, *TODO12* and *TODO* into the Concepts’ Descriptions to have a feeling of

  1. What has already been done – no tagging
  2. What is planned for step 0033.11 – tagged by *TODO11*
  3. What is planned for step 0033.12 – tagged by *TODO12*
  4. What has not been planned yet – tagged by *TODO*

Please find the updated Concepts’ Descriptions here:

001_Glossary…*TODO12*………overview of the concepts and some terms
011_NamingRules……………..using names in an SMS; the MMF paradigm
012_FrameAndModules………….the frame and the modules
013_ModelsAndObjects…………astral, bound and unbound objects
014_ConsoleInterface…………influencing an SMS from a Command Line Interface
051_Extensibility……………extending the software (e.g. for road vehicles)
052_UnboundModels.*TODO11*……creating and deleting models at runtime
053_Handover.*TODO11*………..unbound models changing modules dynamically
054_MovingModules.*TODO11*……including modules as parts of a model (eMMF)
099_PerformanceConsiderations…is performance an issue?

The Overall Planning (i.e. Prophecy)

STEP0033.11 / architectural features

unbound models, handover, moving modules with experimental vehicles (v=const)
not before 2020

STEP0033.12 / railway kinetics (v not equal const)

with basic vehicles
not before 2021


  1. Rebase to some “SMS”/”DIGITS” environment
  2. additional railway features
    1. coupling and collisions
    2. 1900’s Interlocking

Have a nice week
Yours Christoph

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