SrrTrains v0.01: Conclusions

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Well, actually everything began with the idea DIGITS. In fact it is a comprehensive collection of several ideas about what-I-call the 3D Web that were collected between the years 2000 and 2005. All material is now published at

I always hoped, the telecom industry (my employer) could “fall in love with DIGITS”. I wished this so much, that I even wrote a narration about it (

Then I realized that DIGITS was the first idea, but it would be actually implemented as last subsystem of all.

So I tried to make the 3D Web more attractive, by dealing with multiuser sessions. This was the idea SIMUL-RR and it led to the hobby project SrrTrains v0.01.

SrrTrains got the “children” SRR Framework ( and SMUOS Framework (

The SrrTrains v0.01 project is now existing in a “frozen state” (please refer to “The Society”, where this information will be maintained IN THE FUTURE).

The next step, if at all, will be to start the Fiat A project.

Meanwhile, the S&P-ARK TEMPLATE project has been launched (, which could(!) aim to save the ideas and concepts for a better future (i.e. for SrrTrains 1.0):

Figure 1: A vision of SrrTrains and S&P-ARK

Figure 1 is better to understand with following hints:

  • UCx = Use Case “X” means some use case(s) that is (are) already doable today, but that can be disruptivly improved by an “ISO Game Engine” (and by DIGITS) with support of Einstein’s theory
  • SrrTrains is my hobby project, which could serve as “comprehensive test case” for the ISO Game Engine (and its predecessors)
  • The “ISO Game Engine” would be some “X3D Based International Standard”, which could e.g. derive from WebGL, Network Sensor, CGE and so on

1. Short Overview About the Concepts and Ideas (German Language)


2. Concrete Results, Concepts and Ideas

a) Mature Network Sensor

The MNS was made known to the Web3D Konsortium in January 2014:

File: Smuos_03_SEMA.pdf (latest update 2018-04-27).


The SMUOS/C3P idea was first published on 2011-03-01, the following “Hobby Report” was then updated some times, latest version is from 2018-04-27:

File: NotesAboutBimpf-II.pdf (latest update 2018-04-27).