Hi all,

This Blog is about the 3D Web.

My name is Christoph, I live in Vienna, Austria and you can get into contact anytime, just write a comment to the Blog. Your E-Mail address will never be published.

Anything written here is related to my PERSONAL opinion about 3D Web, Internet, WWW and similar topics.

Disclaimer: anything written or sketched CANNOT be related to any present or former employer of mine.

It’s really my PERSONAL OPINION.

Some More Detail

This page is valid by Thursday, January 5th 2023.

In the first two years of existence (until about 2017), this Blog was used to publish philosophy and some general considerations about the 3D Web. I did this in German language, so sorry for that. Nevertheless, you are invited to have a look to the archives.

SrrTrains v0.01

Then I changed more and more to write about my hobby project SrrTrains v0.01, which is a vision of a mixed reality model railroad (it is actually a vision, because the project is HIBERNATING / Waiting for 3rd Party Interest):

Figure 1: Virtual Players (VP) and Real Players (RP) of a VR Enhanced Model Railroad and an Interface To Reality (ITR) are connected via a Connectivity Platform (CP)

All the Projects

  • SrrTrains v0.01 is a hobby project, which is about an EXPERIMENTAL software. It’s slowly making progress. Two major releases are missing, i.e. “Arimathea” and “Sabbath”.
  • Fiat A is some future PROFESSIONAL release of SrrTrains v0.01. This would need professional help and I am not sure, whether I could support that in my spare time -> latest overview can be found at the “Hobby Report #13 – The Decision”, at THIS LINK.
  • N.I.L./DIGITS is an IDEA for a project, where I COULD look for a combination of Einstein’s theory with 3D graphics.
  • S&P-ARK and P&S-ARK are just TEMPLATES for standardization projects about the Network Sensor Node (NSN). I use them to publish my opinion about this or that topic regarding the 3D Web.

I tried to provide a short summary about the technical relations among those projects at the page SrrTrains v0.01: Conclusions.

Following statuses apply to the projects, currently (as of 2023-01-04):

Project Home Page Status (2023-01-04)
SrrTrains SrrTrains v0.01 (tbd.)
SrrTrains 1.0 (tbd.)
Not Started
N.I.L. / DIGITS (VISION)GitHub Repo Phase 0
S&P-ARK (TEMPLATE)GitHub Repo Phase 1
P&S-ARK (TEMPLATE)GitHub Repo Doesn’t matter
Table: All 4 technical projects resp. template projects

The Template Projects S&P-ARK and P&S-ARK

SrrTrains and DIGITS were inspired by some “initial inspiration” (before 2007, as I wrote).

Then the SRR Framework was inspired by the SrrTrains project: we outsourced the SRR Framework to an own sourceforge project in 2010.

Then the SMUOS Framework was inspired by the SRR Framework: we outsourced the “base module” of the SRR Framework to an own sourceforge project in 2013.

Figure 2: Relation of “Template Projects” S&P-ARK and P&S-ARK to SrrTrains

The projects S&P-ARK and P&S-ARK are “template projects”. That means, they are not “real” projects but I use them to publish my opinion about projects that SHOULD be started, imho.

S&P-ARK should elaborate the “community requirements” for the Network Sensor Node (NSN) and then – after its implementation – use it.

P&S-ARK should elaborate the “celestial requirements” for the Network Sensor Node (NSN) and then – after its implementation – use it.

Also S&P-ARK and P&S-ARK could use SMUOS, optionally.

Yours Christoph

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