What is the Way Forward with SrrTrains?

Dear Friends of the 3D Web! Dear Friends of SrrTrains!

As you might have suspected, the SrrTrains v0.01 project was always a “signalling project”, i.e. a kind of “metaphor for my personal story with the 3D Web”.

History of SrrTrains v0.01 (2008 – 2020)

I started the work on SrrTrains in the year 2008, when my former employer told me the idea “SIMUL-RR” would not be adopted and I could use it on my own discretion (the same happened with DIGITS before the year 2007).

I still believed the X3D standard would be a serious asset within the telecom industry and so I always interpreted my project as a “comprehensive test case” to be able to assert the “fitness of X3D for the telecom industry”.

Unfortunately my former employer left the telecom sector and I had to “change my vehicle” in year 2010.

The ideas grew and came more comprehensive and finally I had reached my personal goals of SrrTrains v0.01.

All ideas that were “born” by SrrTrains v0.01, i.e.

  1. the Mature Network Sensor *),
  2. the SMUOS/C3P Idea,
  3. and the DIGITS Idea

are listed at IMPLICATIONS OF SRRTRAINS v0.01.

*) The MNS is a pre-condition for SMUOS/C3P

The “old” Plan A and the “old” Plan B were identified:

  • “old” Plan A: take the output from the simulrr/smuos project and implement SMUOS/C3P in a Web3D Browser (proprietary research project)
  • “old” Plan B: take the “Hibernation Reports” of the SrrTrains v0.01 project and make SMUOS to be an X3D Component

The SrrTrains project is currently being stuck in the “2nd Hibernation Phase”. This has been achieved by 2020-01-01.

Current Plannings (as of 2021-10-23)

All the future projects and ideas are shortly summarized at the imprint of the current blog.

In a nutshell, I am currently preparing Plan A, Plan B and Plan C for my “personal future with the 3D Web”.

Which plan will be chosen actually (or maybe two of them), will be decided by the future (and not only by me).

Plan A: Convince my current employer and start projects for non-Web3D / proprietary / 3GPP / ETSI implementations of SMUOS/C3P and DIGITS (for railways, public safety organizations and maybe military)

Plan B: Found an own “one-person” company to support the Web3D community in developing Web3D/IETF standardized SMUOS/C3P and DIGITS

Plan C: Continue SrrTrains v0.01 as a hobby, probably rebase to WebGL based X3D.
(Keep earning my money with GSM / IMS / SIP / MCx topics)

Hint: The fate of Plan A is/will be private and secret – hence it must be a kind of “leak information”, when I will start the public project “Fiat-A” finally (comprende?)


Yours Christoph

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2 Responses to What is the Way Forward with SrrTrains?

  1. Yeti says:

    I could not resist and read my own paper again (after years of ignorance 🙂 ):

    Result: the glossary needs serious rework, because I completely ignored “augmented reality” and “augmented virtuality”.
    Only pure VR is covered and its connection to the “real reality” via an ITR (interface to reality) – i.e. one special case of “Mixed Reality”.

    I make a distinction between “Virtual Gamer” and “Real Gamer”,

    but if I considered AR/AV additionally (i.e. with a general approach of “all kinds of Mixed Reality”) both kinds of Gamers would have to be “merged” for some of all scenarios.

    So I need a general approach of an “MR Gamer”.



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