SPARK#41 – Clarifications

Dear Friends of Realtime 3D Graphics, 3D Web, Enternet, Metaverses and similar topics!

I am not sure, whether it is important, but during the last weeks and months I have sent some signals via this Blog that could eventually lead to serious misconceptions.

First, and most important: the statements given in following blog posting are still valid!!!

Oct. 23rd, 2021

That is, in detail:

  • I have prepared for “Plan A” (meanwhile abandoned): convince my employer to start projects about what-I-call “Integrated 3D Collaboration” (integrated with NGN, integrated with MCN, 3GPP/ETSI based)
  • I have prepared for “Plan B”: support “Integrated 3D Collaboration” on my own, based on IETF/W3C/Web3D (still desired during my spare time)
  • I have prepared for “Plan C”: abandon any professional support of “Integrated 3D Collaboration” (finally selected)

This “Decision for Plan C” was made public on my Facebook account.

Anyway: if I stumble over some reliable indication that tells me something equivalent to my “Plan A” has been started somewhere within the industry, then I will “officially start” my project “Fiat-A” as an “encoded hint bit” for the Web3D community. This statement is still true, although I have officially abandoned my “personal Plan A”.

The above statement about the project “Fiat-A” is independent of an optional foundation of a “Society for Lifelong Collaborating”, which might happen any time without any implication, and it is independent of the S&P-ARK project, which has been started in spring 2022 without any reason.

I think, I could have caused some confusion with those two initiatives.

The following blog posting indicated the start of the DIGITS/S&P-ARK/ALPES project. I am still not sure, and I will have to define, whether this project is still a “template” project (i.e. not a REAL project, but a project, which I use to report my opinion about projects that *should* be started by the community) or not.

June 13th, 2022

The following blog posting should be completely ignored, discussion is not yet closed.

August 17th, 2022

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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