SPARK#42 – New Year’s Resolutions

Dear All,

Following New Year’s Resolutions apply to my (non-)activity with respect to the 3D Web:

  1. Stick to Plan C
  2. If “Something like Plan A” is started
    • Start Project Fiat A as a “Lighthouse Project”
    • Try to found “Society for Lifelong Collaborating”
    • Try to pursue “Plan B”

About the Details:

1. Stick to Plan C

Plan A, Plan B and Plan C are explained at the posting Spark#41-Clarifications. Plan C means basically: I will not actively pursue the idea of “Integrated 3D Collaboration” at my employer’s.

2.a. Start Fiat A Project

The Fiat-A project will be started, if and only if I encounter positive evidence for some “Integrated 3D Collaboration” project at the industry (may I be involved in that project or not).

Explicitly the non-starting of the Fiat-A project will NOT be an evidence for such “Integrated 3D Collaboration” project has not been NOT started at all.

The Fiat-A project will not have a deadline. It will be “done, when it’s done”.

2.b. The Society

In a first step, I will be looking in the DACH region for participants of “The Society” (DACH = Germany, Austria, Switzerland) – see (German language): digits#88 Kopf gesucht.

2.c. Try to Pursue “Plan B”

This cannot be described in a more detailed way, currently.

Happy New Year

Yours Christoph

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