SPARK#40 – Chicken and Egg Dilemma

Yesterday, I had an intriguing discussion with my friend Markus S., about an old dilemma of my X3D hobby projects: what comes first? The chicken or the egg?

This dilemma has haunted me since I wrote the following email in 2011, at the x3d-public mailing list:

In that e-mail I compared the “elaborated network sensor concept” of the Web3D Consortium with the egg and the “interest from the telecom industry” with the chicken.

Well, Markus corrected me:

  • The chicken is not only the interest from the telecom industry, but it is “the industry at all” that counts
  • It was not really OK to start the S&P-ARK project on 2022-03-24, but chicken and egg should “come together”. It is NOT the egg that comes first.
  • We should at least wait to create the “society for lifelong collaborating”, until the interest can be counted in Euro or Dollar


Christoph Peter

P.S.: the e-mail thread started with:

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