The Eight (Four) Layers of the Universe

Dear All,

Please don’t be shocked. This posting will be about some philosophy.

This is not a blog posting about science of nature, nor about science of technology, it could even be interpreted as a religious posting.

Hence, this posting is a temporary contradiction (let’s say an exception according to Heisenberg) to my principle about keeping this blog an agnostic blog.

If you cannot accept this, then please ignore this posting 🙂 .

Dear Reader!

Perhaps this blog is not the right place for a discussion about soul/body/mind/spirit, but I have to say that I’m a programmer and therefore I am keen to layer any system – from top to bottom – it’s an occupational disease of us programmers.

Thus it happened to me that I once had an idea about layering the whole universe.

Since we already learn in basic training that the Internet is broken down into 5 layers, namely in

  • application layer (L5),
  • transport layer (L4),
  • network layer (L3),
  • logical link layer (L2) and
  • bit transmission layer (L1),

and because I was a bit concerned with virtual worlds in my hobby, one day it “happened” to me that I had the following thoughts:

  1. Let’s assume I operated a robot using a VR headset and VR controllers.
  2. So I would “take on the role” of the robot (which I call ‘Real Life Avatar (RLA)’) “through” a virtual reality (which I call ‘Personal Scene Instance (PSI)’).
    • The robot’s electronic eyes would become “my remote eyes”
    • The robot’s arms, hands, legs and feet would become “my remote limbs”
    • and so on
    • generally spoken: the robot (RLA) would provide me some “remote senses and skills (rSaSk)” via the Internet and via the PSI (and via the “User Interface (UI)” of the PSI)
  3. Wouldn’t we call this “Tele Presence” or, maybe, “Indirect Reality“?
    • Tele Presence = I am present “in a remote way” (as seen by others)
    • Indirect Reality = The reality is present “in a remote way” (as seen by me)
  4. Wouldn’t this look as follows, if we drew the layers and the entities?
Figure 1: Indirect Reality / Telepresence

That is why I have drawn four entities in figure 1.

First, there is the person who has inherited and learned their “mind” and their “senses and skills” (SaSk) throughout life and thus is now able to “understand” and “grasp” the universe, respectively, in a more or less correct way.

The Real Life Avatar (RLA, i.e. the robot) and the Personal Scene Instance (PSI, i.e. the VR headset and the VR controllers, controlled by a personal computer) are the second and the third entity in this figure. They will provide the person with “Remote Senses and Skills” (rSaSk) via the “User Interface” (UI).

Since person+PSI and RLA are sometimes located in places far away from each other, the Internet is usually in between.

Why am I repeating myself?

This repetition serves to make it credible that the idea of ​​”Layer -1″ (see the tenth booklet “Vom Leben” at – German language),

which I will come back to in a moment, was not “brain-born” but came about “naturally”.

How to get from the Concept of “Identity” to “Layer -1”.

We explained that the concept of “identity” does not necessarily result from physical laws (I do not repeat this arguement here).

Consequently, “Layer 0” in Figure 1 is – provisionally – drawn as a continuous layer without boundaries between the entities. The laws of physics do NOT mandate a specific demarcation of entities.

On the contrary, we know from the concept of “modeling” that people intuitively draw the boundaries of the system and boundaries within the system before they begin to formulate physical laws.

Is this demarcation of entities arbitrary, or is there something like a preferred demarcation? So can one say that one model is “more correct” than another?

The fact that through discussion and persuasion – without using violence – we always find models that are (almost) universally recognized throughout humanity, and also the fact that we dare to do science and technology at all suggests that there are preferred demarcations in physics and in nature, at least in relation to humanity.

So we define a “Layer -1” in which we settle the thing-in-itself according to Immanuel Kant and also the essence or the soul of people.

So in this “Layer -1” the division of the universe into physical objects (and subjects) happens and that’s where everything happens that really, actually, truthfully happens.

So the physics in this PICTURE (and it’s just a PICTURE) is already an INTERPRETATION of reality, it doesn’t describe reality IN ITSELF.

So we now draw our 4 entities from the example (the person (me), the Personal Scene Instance (PSI, i.e. the VR headset and the VR controllers, controlled by a personal computer), the Internet (here a cable) and the Real Life Avatar (RLA, i.e. the robot)) in 8 layers:

Figure 2: Introduction of “Layer -1”

HW means hardware
TII means thing-in-itself (according to Immanuel Kant)

What the person can say about themselves

  1. I am (layer -1)
  2. I am my body (Layer 0)
  3. I am a body with senses and abilities (Layer 1-5)
  4. I am a body with intelligence/mind (Layer 6)

Outlook to the Next Posting

In the next posting, I will try to combine this “theory of SMS (Simple Multiuser Scenes)” – see above – with my “Small religious booklet No. 13” (see, which is called “Models of the Reality” (written in English language).

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

P.S.: (this text has been taken from the 12th booklet “Geist – Sinne – Körper – Seele” at – German language – and then translated by Google translate)

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