“Old Plan A”: Update of the Glossary

Dear Friends of the 3D Web! Dear Friends of SrrTrains!

I felt free to update the glossary: http://simulrr.sourceforge.net/concepts/001_Glossary.pdf.

1) The definition of “reality”, “virtual reality” and “real reality” has been slightly corrected
2) The acronym DIGITS has been re-defined: the second “I” means “Infrastructure” instead of “Information”
3) In case of AR/AV, one PSI and one SCSI (two instances of the same scene) are co-located at the User Equipment (UE) of the AR/AV User. Both are “locally SYNCed”
4) In case of VR, a VR User inhabits a “standalone PSI” (without SCSI)
5) In case of “standalone ITR”, some server equipment contains a “standalone SCSI” (without PSI)
6) All PSIs and SCSIs of an MS are “globally SYNCed”
7) Re-definition of the “Operational Modes (OM)” – MRM/pVRM is now orthogonal to SUM/MUM


Yours Christoph

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