Triple A Mats

Dear Friends of Realtime 3D Graphics,

As you might know from the About Page of this Blog, I have archived an old idea about a Mixed Reality Model Railroad (MR-MOR) with Virtual Players (VP) and Real Players (RP).

The model railroad should be equipped with actors and sensors (according to the IoT paradigm), so that the game of the Real Players – who played with the MR Model Railroad like with any other Model Railroad – could be extended by Virtual Players, who cannot afford to join the game physically.

In the contrary, the Virtual Players would not join the game physically, but via their local Virtual Reality (VR) installations and via the Internet.

A Connectivity Platform (CP) would connect the Virtual Players with each other and with the Model Railroad (via an Interface to Reality (ITR)).

Thus saving the travelling costs of the Virtual Players for the travel to the site of the Model Railroad and back home after the gaming session.

What is the New Idea?

Well, actually I have archived (“refrigerated”) the idea, because I do not own enough resources for the realization of the project – and I haven’t (yet) managed to persuade other people to help me.

The new idea should save additionally costs.

Why to build a “real” model railroad, if we could build an Augmented Reality Model Railroad (AR-MOR) with less hardware resources (no landscape, tracks, rolling stock, sensors, actors, ……)?

The “AR Sandbox” would be built upon sqm sized QR Codes on any table in any room.

I would call those sqm sized QR Codes the “Triple A Mats”.

Have a nice week,

Yours Christoph

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