DIY MR – Model Railroad

Dear Friends of Realtime 3D Graphics,

While the MR Model Railroad project SrrTrains 1.0 is still being a vision, foreseen beyond the year 2035,

I am on the other hand already doing some considerations about possible next steps for the SrrTrains v0.01 hobby project.

You might remember, I was pursuing a hobby project for several years, but the CORE subject of the project was never met.

This core subject would be the synergies between DIY hobby MR model railroads and professional railway simulations, both using the same 3D models, so the models have to be created only once.

We counted – and we still count – on the X3D standard to do so (

Unfortunately, the project never made the step from experimental implementation to something serious.

This can change in the future.

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph


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