SPARK#33 – Clarification about Projects

I took the chance of having a few days off hence optimized the web presentation of the projects I’m dealing with.

Best entry point:

  1. SrrTrains v0.01 is a hobby project, which is about an EXPERIMENTAL software. It’s slowly making progress. Two major releases are missing, i.e. “Arimathea” and “Sabbath”
  2. Fiat A is some future PROFESSIONAL release of SrrTrains. This would need professional help and I am not sure, whether I could support that in my spare time
  3. S&P-ARK and P&S-ARK are just TEMPLATES for standardization projects about the NSN. They are independent of me

As I already said. We have Web2.0. We have Industry4.0. Please do not hesitate to ask in case of any question.

Have a nice week


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