All Dreams Are Gone – SrrTrains v0.01 – Pieta

The SrrTrains v0.01 software has undergone some very basic changes since last year’s release 0033.09 “Consummatum est”.

Now we are hoping a new very first draft of step 0033.10 “Pieta” will be available still this summer.

This will comprise the “Rebase to MIB Core” activity, which has some very basic changes in the lower layers of the MIDAS Base (MIB).

Chapter 3 of the “Hibernation Report 001” contains a short description of the new MIB in English language (the first two chapters are written in German language, however that’s only the plans that I have had, before I started with the rebase):

If you want to take a first look to the codes, please download the archive from

All the best

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