Preview of Some X3D Prototypes

As you know, the SrrTrains project deals with an application of the Network Sensor (aka Event Stream Sensor) node for simple multiuser scenes (SMS  🙂 ) in X3D scenes.

This aims for SMS in a pure declarative 3D environment (what I call SMUOS) or it even aims for definition of communication protocols for SMS with any 3D/Web3D technology.

The release 0033.10 (nick “Pieta”), which is currently planned for approx. 2017-07-13, will feature the following improvements with respect to release 0033.09bf4 (2015-07-31).

– the software (X3D + ecmascript) will be better structured (easier to understand)
– the software will be better commented
– Outsourcing base functions to the “core prototypes”
– Rebase to MibCore
– Rebase to SscCore
– Rebase to McCore
the directory sms/ will contain some prototypes that should examplify some nodes
  that could become a new X3D component “Simple Multiuser Online Scenes (SMUOS)” eventually

Please find a preview of the “simulrr” sourceforge project at

Please find a preview of the “smuos” sourceforge project at

What is missing for release 0033.10
– thoroughly testing
– update of the documentation and web pages
– a small improvement of the module wrapper concept

Have a nice week
Yours Christoph
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