Simple Multiuser Online Scenes – prealpha

As announced earlier, the experimental X3D prototypes for simple multiuser scenes have been published (pre-alpha).

These X3D prototypes depend on the Web3D Browser BS Contact and on the Collaboration Server BS Collaborate

What’s new in 0033.10:

  • Rebase to MIB Core (severe interface changes)
  • Rebase to SSC Core (severe interface changes)
  • Rebase to MC Core (severe interface changes)
  • update of the module wrapper concept
    • now every module needs a module wrapper (even static modules)
    • module wrappers induce gravity to the module coordinator and to the MIDAS Objects
    • without module wrapper a module has got zero gravity
    • the first – very simple – module wrapper MwVrml.x3d induces constant gravity (0 -9.81 0) – this will be used for railway kinetics in 0033.11 and 0033.12

“simulrr” project:

„smuos“ project:

Still to do for release “Pieta”, which is expected in summer 2017

  • thoroughly testing the software
  • update of the web pages

Have a nice week

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