SrrTrains – Change of Project Status

Dear Friends of SrrTrains,

In the next days, I will update the Web representation of the SrrTrains v0.01 project to reflect following decision.

I have decided to change the project status:
– old status = “Hibernation Mode”
– new status = “Leaving the Hibernation Mode”

This does not yet mean that leaving the Hibernation Mode will actually be feasible in the end.

It need not even mean any other change during the next few weeks/months/years.

It’s just a change of the project status.

But it IS a change of the project status.

Reason: During last few weeks I received two or three timid indications that the ideas behind the project are shared by a non-empty set of people.

However, anyone of those people has got his/her own interests, capabilities and obstacles. So it is not likely that everyone will pull together.

Have a nice week
Your Christoph

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