The Greed and the Ark(s)

Hi all,

As you might know, I always look for metaphors to describe the motivation of my projects.

Now I accidentally came to watch the movie “Evan almighty” with my son and my nephew and niece, which reminded me of the old story of Noah’s Ark.

Assume you are a company, who implemented some use case by some technology.

Now the “greed level” among all actors of the technology increases and increases, which will automagically lead to war, as you know.

However, you are a peaceful man and you are looking for some way to replace the “old greedy technology” by a “young ambitioned technology”, where the “greed level” would be at least sustainable.

What to do? You cannot abandon the use case. And you promised loyalty to the actors of your old, greedy technology.

What you need, is an ark.

That’s the reason, why I will use the following acronyms for my projects:

SP-ARK: Simple Playground to Achieve Required Knowledge
KRA-PS: Kybernetic Reality Activation over Packet Switched


Yours Christoph

P.S. (2018-01-07)
I am still not completely confident about the second acronym. SP-ARK for the first project is OK (and the project has already been established, not started though).
For the second project (which is completely uncertain currently) I see two possibilities:
KRA-PS – Kybernetic Reality Activation over Packet Switched
PS-ARK – Packet Switched – Acting Really via Kybernetic Systems

What’s your opinion?

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