SPARK#8 – A New Home for SMUOS

My latest posting (SPARK#7 from Feb 3rd) was actually about the PS-ARK project, which is hidden from the public, since professional. So sorry for that 😉 😉 😉

Now – getting back to hobby – I would like to inform you that I am currently looking for a new home for the SP-ARK project, cauz I am too biased to be responsible for the code governance of what-I-call “SMUOS B” *).

However, I myself will still care for “SMUOS A”, which is a part of SrrTrains v0.01. This is “just the right project for myself” and the release 0033.11 “Arimathea” is still planned for “not before 2019”.

Have a nice week

*) if you have followed the mailing list, then you might know, what “SMUOS B” could be about. If you need more information or just any hint, please just write a comment here.

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