SPARK#10 – What is this? What is SMUOS?

Hi all,

I received a question “what is this”?

OK, to know it you just had to read the content of the project at

However, here in short words (once again – sighing):

  1. SMUOS (Simple Multiuser Online Scenes) is a very old idea
  2. that idea is an optional, but not a mandatory part of SP-ARK
  3. SP-ARK is an idea for a project to support Simple Multiuser Scenes based on the X3D Network Sensor (that’s it and that’s all it is)
  4. SP-ARK is in state “ignition” (there is not any supporter currently)

My personal point of view on SP-ARK (i.e. SMUOS) is explained in the following slide set: PlanA_vs_PlanB_Hobby_Valentin_2018_03_03

Have fun

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