SPARK#14 – Looking Back on 9 Years of SrrTrains

Now, when we can be confident that the PS-ARK project might go well, it’s time to write a little view back on 9 years of SrrTrains.


All started with the “third child” DIGITS, which was inspired in autumn 2000.

It’s not important to explain DIGITS, it will follow automagically, when the “SMS Biotope” will have evolved based on the definition of the SMUOS component, which is an outcome of SrrTrains v0.01.

However, SrrTrains was the idea to take X3D multiuser scenes for the implementation of railway multiuser games. And it worked quite well. Only problem, nobody could be convinced to help, it was all a “one-man-show”.

No need to be angry. That’s mankind. We need not worry about. Things will never change. Everything green.

Yours Christoph

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