SrrTrains – Creating Rail Vehicles


In my latest postings, see

I told you that I am actually thinking about how to proceed now.

The concepts are getting clearer and clearer, but I have not yet thought about how we should proceed, if we had the “Mixed Reality Mode” (MR Mode) one day in a future far far away from now.

What, if we connected the virtual railroad with *real* 3D printers and 3D scanners, generally spoken, real replicators (RR)?

I think, we would have to split the process of creation of a vehicle (aka UBO) into two phases:

  1. The Definition Phase
  2. The Creation Phase

The 1. Definition Phase – where the *real* replicator did his job – could last very long, many seconds, even minutes or hours.

The outcome were an “Object Type” (OT), identified by an “Object Type ID” (OTI) and a URL, where the Web3D Browser could load the model (aka UBO) from.

At the end of the definition phase, we had

  • a Real Life Object (RLO),
  • being situated within a real replicator,
  • ready to receive an “initial state” from the multiuser scene

In the implementation I’m currently thinking about I would skip the Definition Phase (because I have no MR Mode and I will be using pre-defined OTs).

Now, in the 2. Creation Phase, the SMS would load the UBO from the URL in all scene instances and finally the global state of the UBO would be initialized to the “initial state” (in the multiuser scene and in the RLO).

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Have a nice week
Yours Christoph

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