SrrTrains: Next Plans

Hi all,

As you might know, the SrrTrains v0.01 project has been CLOSED and is now waiting for “3rd party interest”.

However this fact should not prevent me from continuing on a “hobby level”.

In my latest posting (The “Regway”) I introduced the experimental vehicle that will be implemented by the release 0033.11 “Arimathea” (not before January 2019).

This week I’d like to publish an overview of all features of the SRR Framework.

In red font: the “bleeding wounds” of SrrTrains. Things that are being awfully missed currently.




In case of questions or comments please feel free to use the commantary function any time. Your mail address will never be published.


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5 Responses to SrrTrains: Next Plans

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  2. Yeti says:

    2018-09-09: No news about SrrTrains


  3. Yeti says:

    2018-09-16: Finally I have now recognized: “I am not in a hurry”.
    Therefore I have added following features to the 0033.11 release “Arimathea”

    1. Arch – Handover
    2. Arch – Moving Modules
    3. TMM – Gauge Check
    4. TMM – Handling of Derailment
    5. TMM – Train Changes Module
    6. TMM – Bumpers
    7. TMM – Train Movers

    The TO DO List for Step 0033.11 “Arimathea” looks finally as

    Step 0033.11 „Rail Vehicles and Trains“ (CLOSED)

    1. creating an unbound model
    2. experimental vehicles (incl. MIDAS Objects)
    3. “Handover and Bumpers”
      1. derailment = explosion (unfinished track, gauge check)
      2. SRR Objects for bumpers, bumper handling of trains
      3. SRR Objects for HO track, HO handling
      4. SRR Objects for crossing, no collision handling on crossing
      5. SRR Objects for Moving Modules
      6. models of Y-turnouts, bumpers, crossings, turntables, handover-tracks
      7. test: Tracks and Turnouts on dynamic modules
      8. model of a wagon carrying a wagon
    4. Update the Concepts’ Descriptions
    5. publish step 0033.11bfx “Arimathea”

    And the prophecy is changed from “not before January 2019” to “not before 2020”

    Have a nice week


  4. Yeti says:

    2018-10-06 – Nothing to report about SrrTrains


  5. Yeti says:

    2018-10-28: the “bound model mode” for the Regway is finished (Sourceforge Project, SVN revision 335)


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