SPARK#20 – Should we LAN Party#3?

Hi all,

As you know, I have promised release “Arimathea” = “Step 0033.11” of the SrrTrains v0.01 Project to be finished “not before 2020”.

Note: if you’d like to know more about the SrrTrains v0.01 Project, please feel free to visit the “official project page” at

Now, when we are doing a short check of the TO DO List, then we see that the very very basic functionality could be achieved even earlier.

Step 0033.11 „Rail Vehicles and Trains“ (CLOSED)

  • creating an unbound model – ongoing

    • The Regway – standalone mode – done

    • The Regway – bound model – done

    • The Regway – single player experimental – done

    • The Regway – ongoing

  • experimental vehicles

  • intermediate release 0033.10.5 “LAN Party #3”

  • “Handover and Bumpers”

    • derailment = explosion (unfinished track, gauge check)

    • Adapt SRR Objects for bumper handling of trains

    • Adapt SRR Objects for usage in HO track, HO handling

    • SRR Object for crossing (still no collision handling on crossing)

    • SRR Object for 3-way switch

    • SRR Object for Moving Modules

    • models of Y/3way-turnouts, bumpers, crossings, turntables, handover-tracks

    • test: Tracks and Turnouts on dynamic modules

    • model of a wagon carrying a wagon, Narrow Gauge Regway

  • Update the Concepts’ Descriptions

  • publish step 0033.11bfx “Arimathea”


I.e., we could create an intermediate release 0033.10.5 and we could perform some test session (aka LAN Party).

What’s your opinion?

If I don’t receive feed back, then I will skip 0033.10.5 for sure (each release adds some additional effort).

Have a nice week


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