SPARK#23 – Input for SP-ARK Updated

Dear Friends of SrrTrains

I felt free to update the Hobby Report HR009 about “Facility Loaders” with some ideas about the “My Little Loader” prototype, which is under construction currently.

What is the “My Little Loader” prototype?

The “My Little Loader” prototype is an optional part of the SMUOS Framework, which helps to load and unload dynamic elements during the runtime of a scene, based on trigger events, that are defined by the author of the scene.

What is the “SMUOS Framework”?

The “SMUOS Framework” is a set of X3D prototypes (consisting mainly of script nodes), that are built “on top” of the Network Sensor implementation of Bitmanagement (aka EventStreamSensor).

I.e. the goal of the SMUOS Framework is to ease the use of the Network Sensor by authors, who want to implement interactive worlds for simple 3D chat, simple games or other simple multiuser scenes (SMS).

Precisely spoken: the goal of the SMUOS framework is the gain of know how to ease the use of the Network Sensor for authors.

Here the link to the hobby reports, finally.

BTW the SP-ARK project has not been started yet, afaik.

All the best

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