SPARK#28 – Release “Fiat A” Ongoing

Hi all,

As you know, we have still some content missing for the release “Arimathea” 0033.11 of the SrrTrains v0.01 project (rail vehicles mainly), which is expected by “beyond 2020”.

And it’s not only the content that is missing, we have additionally missing some Visual Basic Framework (the “SRR Tools”), which has not been updated since June 2014.

So I have now frozen the content and released step 0033.10.5 “Fiat A” at the simulrr project


I have started to RE-DESIGN the SRR Tools.

The future SRR Tools will consist of a kind of library – the SMUOS Base -, which can be extended by Plugins.

Additionally we will need a SMUOS View (MVC Pattern), which uses the features of the SMUOS Base and which can trigger the loading and starting of the SMUOS.

The SMUOS itself will use the GUI features of the SRR Tools for interfacing with the user.

SMUOS hosted by the Visual Basic SRR TOOLS Software

If the Visual Basic Software is not present, then the SMUOS must provide some internal HUDs to replace the GUI features of the Visual Basic Software

Standalone SMUOS

Have a nice week


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