SPARK#30 – Taking a Break – Replanning

Well, the idea of having a standardized Network Sensor has been supported by several people, at least by Don B., John C. and by GL.

That made me to PREPARE the SP-ARK project (, however I do not own enough ressources to really RUN this project. This project was also called “Plan B”.

Additionally, I had some input for the PS-AKR project (, which has NOT been started, either. This project was also called “Plan A”.

Now, considering also my personal future, I had long inner discussions with my conscience: Should I favor Plan A or should I favor Plan B.

Lots of headache for sure.

Result is: What I REALLY feel responsible for, is the SrrTrains project (, which could be either an application of “Plan A” or an application of “Plan B” or even both.

So the real consideration is about:

  1. Should SrrTrains use classical X3D Player or WebGL based X3D Player or both?
  2. Should SrrTrains use DIS or Network Sensor or both?

Considering these questions I think I will need some break for recreation and decision making.

Have fun with Web3D

Yours Christoph

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