SrrTrains v0.01 – Release “Pieta” – Docu

Hi all,

I informed you, I had released the software of release 0033.10bf2 (nick name “Pieta”) by 2017-05-06.

Please find again the old posting at the blog:

and the direct link to the software at sourceforge:

Why do I write this posting?

Now I am updating the external documentation (which is not a part of the sourceforge project).

As of now, I have written some overall – short – description of the overall SMUOS Framework.

I would like to kindly ask – if someone can offer an hour – to review this pre-view of the document: pieta-mib-core.pdf. Is it well-written or at least “somehow useful”? I would appreciate any feed back!

Have a nice week
Yours Christoph

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