Pieta Really Finished / Start Luke & Leia ?

Dear Readers,

The Release “Pieta” of the SrrTrains v0.01 project has been finished by 2017-06-04.

This means:

  1. The software has been published by 2017-05-06
  2. The Hibernation Reports HR 001, HR 005 and HR 009 have been finished
  3. The next release 0033.11 will get the nick name “Arimathea” (probably by the year 2019)
  4. The project is still in “Hibernation Mode”

Now I am being very curious, whether the Luke project (i.e. “SMUOS/C3P”) and/or the Leia project (i.e. “MrGc”) will be started soon. Let’s wait and see.

Have a nice week
Yours Christoph

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