Network Sensor / DIS / (SrrTrains v0.01)

Now, when I have released the la(te)st version of the SrrTrains v0.01 software (please see here:, and when I have bothered my readers with so many detailed information, I would nevertheless like to give a SHORT SUMMARY about the WHY of this project.

The reason for this project is the SUPPORT OF THE IDEA OF A NETWORK SENSOR.

When I started to implement a multiuser virtual model railroad based on VRML/X3D (still not finished!), then I asked at the x3d-public mailing list, whether there was some STANDARDS for multiuser communication.

Those times (I think it was around 2009), two standards were proposed – DIS and the Network Sensor – and I selected one of both for my hobby project.

Those times I thought the Network Sensor was more general and so I went for it.

Maybe I was wrong.

However, I found three standard use cases of the Network Sensor and I invented a fourth use case of the Network Sensor.

Most of the SrrTrains project is about this fourth use case (to examplify it, to try around with it and to become sure, whether I should recommend it for the community).

These results are now nailed down in the SP-ARK project.

Please refer to the power point at

Also refer to an overview of the SP-ARK project at

So far, I am still not sure, whether it would have been better to go for DIS, however, these are my results and they can be used by anybody.

Have fun with Web3D
Yours Christoph

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