SPARK#17 – A Bugfix for the “Pieta”

Hi all,

The la(te)st release of the SrrTrains v0.01 software was the “Pieta” release from May 2017 (with the version 0033.10bf2).

Now I have done a few minor corrections and improvements (see the list below) and a new release 0033.10bf3 by 2018-06-09.

The files can be downloaded directly from sourceforge:

Please be aware: the project is “CLOSED” and “WAITING FOR 3RD PARTY INTEREST”.

Have fun with Web3D
Yours Christoph

P.S.: what’s new?

released: 2018-06-09, SVN revision: 333
– Interface Changes:
– release 0033.10bf3 (SVN333)
– small renaming activity (SVN332)
– update Concepts’ Descriptions 100 – 999 (SVN331)
– update Concepts’ Descriptions 000 – 099 (SVN330)
– necessary adaptations for SrrSwitchB (SVN329)
– moving MoosSwitchB -> SrrSwitchB (just moving!) – (SVN328)
– Registration of Object Types (SVN 327)
– Initialization and Activation of UBO Loader (SVN 326)
– new SSC Activation Controller (SVN 326)
– new naming rules (SVN 325)
– locality of console parameters is set at the dispatcher stub now (SVN 321)
– now any console parameter can be a local parameter (SVN 321)
– Default gravity in McBase is 0 -9.81 0 instead of 0 0 0 (SVN 319)
– SmsModuleLoader separated from SscBase (SVN 318)
– Other Changes:
– implemented the “SMS Dispatcher Feature” (SVN 321)
– new field “isBound” of key container (SVN 320)
– minor improvements of SmsLoader (SVN 318)

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