SPARK#18 – Arimathea Envisioned

Hi all,

As you might know, I am still doing some small updates to the SrrTrains v0.01 project, although THE PROJECT IS IN A CLOSED STATE and I AM WAITING FOR 3rd PARTY INTEREST.

Well, I have done some updates to the “Hobby Reports” (former “Hibernation Reports”), which had been granted to the SP-ARK project at GitHub. Now they are available in Version 4.3:

  1. HR 001 Pieta / Rebase to MIB Core
    some minor updates
  2. HR 005 SRR Objects
    major changes regarding vehicles/trains
  3. HR 007 New Concept Paper of SrrTrains v0.01
    a few small but essential updates
  4. HR 009 SMS Facility Loaders
    a new chapter about unbound objects (UBOs)

All the Hobby Reports can be found at the master branch here at this link.

The README is here.

Merry Christmas
Yours Christoph

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