SPARK#19 – Recommended Reading

Hi all,

As you might know, I have been bothering you with mini and micro news about the SrrTrains v0.01 project since the year 2009, i.e. for almost ten years.

But now the shape of the project gets sharper and sharper and the “New Concept Paper of SrrTrains v0.01” has been finished.

That does not mean the project is already finished, it just means there are no big things to be invented any more, just the work has to be done.

Please find version 4.3 of the new concept paper here:

  1. Hobby Report No. 007
  2. published on 2018-12-23
  3. 66 Pages
  4. 13 Chapters
  5. 7 appendices

The child project SP-ARK (Simple Playground to Achieve Required Knowledge) is in place at the preliminary home page and it is waiting for supporters.

If you have a promising use case, or if you are just interested in Multiuser X3D Scenes please take the time and seize the holiday season for a short look. If the texts inspire you, then please do not hesitate to write a comment here at wordpress, so that other people can be sure this topic is actually an interesting topic and I am not just a singular event.

So, what is it about?

  1. It’s all about “Simple Multiuser Scenes” (SMS) – a term, which I try to position
  2. It’s about Multiuser Railway Simulation Based on X3D
  3. It’s not restricted to Railway Simulation – it’s extensible
  4. It’s about the Network Sensor and its definition
  5. It’s about VR and it’s about MR (proxy configuration), currently no AR envisioned (this may change)
  6. and it’s about some things that I cannot publish

Merry Christmas

Yours Christoph

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