Collaboration Tools? Break Until Spring! New Club?

I am currently having a break with my X3D hobbies, at least until spring ’22.

However, I already have some plans about how it COULD continue afterwards.

So I am just repeating my question kindly:

Please tell us your opinion about a new “Society for Lifelong Collaborating” (to be founded earliest in spring 2022), if possible, before Christmas.

Vision of “The Society” (

  1. no f2f meetings,
  2. dedicated to asynchronous communication (mail, mail like, file sharing, …)
  3. the communication of the society itself can be a comprehensive test case for various collaboration tools and
  4. optionally creating a wiki / collecting know how about collaboration tools.

  5. if we find movie enthusiasts: discussing the first part of the narrative “The Third Child”
  6. if we find railway enthusiasts: developing/using SrrTrains v0.01 as a test case for collaboration tools

Looking forward to a nice answer



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11 Responses to Collaboration Tools? Break Until Spring! New Club?

  1. anonymous says:



  2. John C. says:

    Comment from John C.

    Collaboration…We should not only focus on asynchronous collaboration but also synchronous, sequential and parallel collaboration, with things like dance being a type of parallel performance collaboration. Perhaps collaboration includes or is included by game theory—discrete, differential and continuous games. We can discuss domain specific languages, services or APIs for creating abstract or concrete games—cooperative and collaborative ones, with possible competition. Asynchronous collaboration is a good place to start.

    There used to be or is a group, CSCW — computer supported cooperative work. For entertainment, I have this page:

    I view things like American football kind of like philosophy. Perhaps Europe has a form of football (soccer) philosophy? Should we use those as our test cases? Online versions, perhaps.

    One should alway consider more than two forces in collaboration and game theory. I don’t know if Nash studied 3+ way equilibrium or not.

    I don’t think srrtrains runs on Linux.



    • Yeti says:

      HI John, all this sounds like a comprehensive agenda for “The Society”.
      I am happy seeing you agree that asynchronous communication / collaborating would be a good starting point.

      Maybe American football is more like having one hero and all supporting that hero, European soccer more a kind of team work without heroes (or with a few heroes, not only one), let’s see.

      Thanks to remind me to think about more than two forces – multilaterality instead of bilaterality of even unilaterality. Seems to be a good approach, who knows?

      Have a nice holiday season all
      CP (Christoph Peter VALENTIN)


  3. Yeti says:

    John C. wrote

    We might need a new model or fundamental communication tools for
    international standards so that both for-profit, non-profit, and
    government organizations and individuals can work better together. This
    new model or tools seems like a worthy pursuit. I recently bought a
    book on cooperative games, if anyone wants to read sections out of it
    in a group setting, and reflect on how the games can inform our
    organizations to achieve effective trust and communication.

    If anyone wants to work on cooperative game versions of EGGG, GDL and/or
    Ludii, that would be truly awesome! I would be interested in hearing
    about Ludii games that are collaborative.

    I’m hoping we can use the X3D zoom line for such discussions, or someone
    can suggest an appropriate medium. Perhaps this is a revamp of the X3D
    networking group? I need someone who can speak clearly to read the
    sections, so probably you want your own copy of the book.

    Other books on collaboration and cooperation in games are welcome. I’m
    sitting here thinking that D&D may be an example of a cooperative game,
    but I’ve heard that some sessions fall apart.
    Xmas present?

    How can we extend cooperative gaming beyond D&D? I had this book when
    growing up:

    I have written a mostly working collaborative mesh editor in Jogamp and
    a collaborative solitaire game if people are interested (both in Java).
    I’m interested in furthering development of these, and adding people
    mid-stream in the protocol, requiring a download of current game state
    from a server or other player. Which player? Especially if the server
    doesn’t have state, just connections. Possible download from Game
    Master or bot?

    I’m not opposed to writing a D&D game, but perhaps we could stretch even
    the D&D systems out there with new ideas!

    I’m also interested in extending/implementing this paper,, but i think that Jon Orwant did
    a good job on player progression.

    I think I lost a spark a long time ago, and I’m just beginning to get it

    Please share with interested parties.

    I will probably revamp my Discord server to serve as a meeting room, if
    no one has a better idea.




    • Yeti says:

      Hi John,

      Thank you for all the information (which you originally posted at x3d-public, but allowed me to re-post here).

      I think the main difference is not between profit, non-profit, governmental associations/groups, but the main difference is between those, who believe in globalization and those, who believe in regionalism.

      Am I allowed to prefer my homeland with respect to other places on the earth?

      I think, a sound amount of egoism does not only be compatible with love and altruism, but it is a precondition for these ( I cannot give, if I don’t have anything to give ).

      Just something to think about

      Enjoy the holidays
      CP (Christoph Peter) VALENTIN


  4. Yeti says:

    Roman ONIC wrote:

    Hi Christoph,

    generally the idea behind “The Society” is quite cool and due to the fact that I´m very interested in Linux I would be happy to learn and explore

    things more and more within that domain. Nevertheless, as mentioned already to you face to face, I would not find enough time to join 😐

    However, I guess you´ll find contributors and members which will support your idea of “The Society”.

    Furthermore, you can still keep me on copy in order to follow what´s going on behind the scenes of that project 😊

    Have fun.

    Thanks !


  5. Yeti says:

    Dear all,

    I have collected some internal comments additionally.

    So I have been able to draft the Version 0.4 of the rules for “The Society” (unfortunately in German language, because they have to be approved by Austrian administration):


    Have a nice holiday season
    CP (Christoph Peter) VALENTIN


  6. Yeti says:

    Another Comment, this time from Kevin:

    Hi Christoph,

    I’m (late) following up on this discussion. As you know, I’m always interested in hearing about use cases and employment/deployment of new technologies to enhance the visualization of the data that we have … also maybe data that we can design or harvest for such purposes.

    I will definitely be interested in following the discussions and am hoping that such a society will bring more ideas into discussion. Please keep me posted on your next steps.



    • Yeti says:

      Hi Kevin,

      I think, I will keep you all posted about the further performance of the idea of “The Society”, here at this “Area #A” blog.

      You can register at the wordpress software to be informed about every new posting via e-mail.

      Kind regards,


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