Collaboration Tools? Break Until Spring! New Club?

I am currently having a break with my X3D hobbies, at least until spring ’22.

However, I already have some plans about how it COULD continue afterwards.

So I am just repeating my question kindly:

Please tell us your opinion about a new “Society for Lifelong Collaborating” (to be founded earliest in spring 2022), if possible, before Christmas.

Vision of “The Society” (

  1. no f2f meetings,
  2. dedicated to asynchronous communication (mail, mail like)
  3. the communication of the society itself will be a comprehensive test case for various collaboration tools and
  4. optionally creating a wiki / collecting know how about collaboration tools.

  5. if we find movie enthusiasts: discussing the first part of the narrative “The Third Child” – Prologue  -> club colour cyan
  6. if we find railway enthusiasts: developing/using SrrTrains v0.01 as a test case for collaboration tools

Looking forward to a nice answer



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2 Responses to Collaboration Tools? Break Until Spring! New Club?

  1. anonymous says:



  2. John C. says:

    Comment from John C.

    Collaboration…We should not only focus on asynchronous collaboration but also synchronous, sequential and parallel collaboration, with things like dance being a type of parallel performance collaboration. Perhaps collaboration includes or is included by game theory—discrete, differential and continuous games. We can discuss domain specific languages, services or APIs for creating abstract or concrete games—cooperative and collaborative ones, with possible competition. Asynchronous collaboration is a good place to start.

    There used to be or is a group, CSCW — computer supported cooperative work. For entertainment, I have this page:

    I view things like American football kind of like philosophy. Perhaps Europe has a form of football (soccer) philosophy? Should we use those as our test cases? Online versions, perhaps.

    One should alway consider more than two forces in collaboration and game theory. I don’t know if Nash studied 3+ way equilibrium or not.

    I don’t think srrtrains runs on Linux.



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