“The Society”

We – my wife, a few friends and me – are currently discussing internally a lot about the idea of the “Society for Lifelong Collaborating” (see also the public discussion at https://areasharpa.blog/2021/11/26/collaboration-tools-break-until-spring-new-club/ and the imprint at https://lc-soc-lc.at/addendum.htm).

I revealed my “Hidden Agenda” (I think, everybody knows it 😉 ) to them, at the same instance insisting that “The Society” will be a peaceful, scientific association for the good of all.

According to Austrian laws, the founding of an association happens in two phases:

First, there’s the Establishment (“Errichtung”) of the association.

The establishment is achieved, when the founders agree upon the rules (“Statuten”).

Second, there is the Emergence (“Entstehung”) of the association.

The emergence happens 4 (or 6) weeks, after the establishment has been announced to Austrian administration by the founders, if the administration does not reject the foundation of the association.

I am currently preparing the rules and looking for co-founders.

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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