The Shareholders of the Dream Factory

These days we had guests, and besides other things we came to discuss about Zuckerberg’s Metaverse.

Well, first we have to admit, there will not be “the” Metaverse, but there will be many metaverses, one from Zuckerberg, others from e.g. Roblox, Nintendo or Match.

This multitudiny of metaverses has seriously torn down our dreams about “the metaverse” as another iteration of “the” Internet.

But what is the difference to – e.g. – Second Life, which was not a great break through several years ago?

Well, you would like to say, the difference is, we have got crypto currencies nowadays, based on the blockchain.

OK, nearly every game has got a game internal currency, nowadays, my son interfered. The improvement is just the currency is “qualitatively better”, when employing the blockchain.

So, I would like to say: the conditio sine qua non is the ability to change the crypto-currency back to real currency, isn’t it?


But, OK, if I like to become shareholder of a business, my first question would be: “WHAT are they doing?”. The answer to the WHAT question gives me an idea about the HOW question: How will they perform in future?

So, WHAT is the metaverse doing?

Short and sweet: they are telling stories. OK, it’s interactive stories, collaborative stories, let’s say modern stories, but it’s still stories, not more and not less.

It’s a modern marketing instrument.

But WHAT do YOU sell?

Well, that’s your problem, isn’t it.

yours Christoph

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2 Responses to The Shareholders of the Dream Factory

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  2. Yeti says:

    November 2019, I felt free to write a booklet, amongst others about the ESSENCE OF STORY TELLING: .


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